Alcoholism therapy methods

In the treatment for alcoholism, the goal of  therapy is to teach the person to recognize the situations in which they are most likely to drink. By avoiding  these situations, and teaching them how to cope with the problems and behaviors which  led them to their substance abuse. An alcohol dependent person can effectively be rehabilitated.

Alcoholism is associated with 100,000 deaths every year, innumerable acts of violence and accidents. It has a devastating effect on family life.

While therapy is one of the steps in alcohol abuse recovery, there are other  steps required before it can be effective, these include detoxification and the creation of a supprt structure to help the person when need arises.

During  therapy, our patients will  receive individual counseling and possibly interact with other people in similar circumstances. These counseling sessions are designed to teachall the basics skills that are needed to live an alcohol free life.

There are 2 major therapy methos in use for treatment of alcoholism and substance abuse, both are equally effective.

Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (CBT)

The aim of CBT is to teach patients to recognize and cope with high-risk situations for relapse, and to recognize and cope with cravings.

Cognitive behavior therapy is based on the principle that human behavior is caused by a person’s own thoughts. External influencing factors like people, situations and events have no bearing on one’s behavior. You may not be able to change your own circumstances, but you certainlycan change how you think about them and therefore modify your behavior.

Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET)

This counseling method is used to motivate patients to use their own resources to change their behavior.

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Useful information caan be found online at the Mayo Clinic Website



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