Adolescent & Young Adult Therapy

Coping with change by the use of adolescent and young adult therapy.

Therapy for adolescent and young adults must be approached differently when compared  to working with  adults. It is a critical stage in a person’s development  and it presents new challenges that  therapy can help explain and overcome.

It is our belief that  adolescent and young adult therapy can benefit everyone during this development stage.

Adolescent & young adult therapy offers an opportunity to:

  • Discover who you are
  • Develop positive attitude towards your family and  friends
  • Understand your body
  • Deal with decisions regarding self care
  • Learn to cope  with depression and anxiety
  • Improve your confidence and self esteem
  • Develop skills to  use when facing new challenges
  • Learn to deal with drug and alcohol choices
  • Understand your feelings and learn to  make choices regarding sex and relationships
  • Deal with learning dissabilities
  • Control agressivity, property destruction
  • Correct sleep disorders
  • Deal with bullying, or being bullied
  • Understand loss of interest in activities
  • Correct loss of appetite or over eating
  • Handle divorce or parent separation feelings


All of our services confidential, we strictly abide all state and professional regulations.  Minors may require the consent of their parents or legal guardians to participate ini therapy sessions, but all details regarding therapy will be kept in complete  confidentiality.

A note to parents or legal guardians considering adolescent & young adult therapy

Behavioral changes during adolescence are common, and do not necessarily reflect serious underlying conditions,

Parents or guardians that notice sudden changes must carefully weigh their options, but when in doubt, it is always best to seek professional advice.

A simple telephone conversation  might  shed  light on the issue.

Remember, we are here to help,  Call us for a free consultation: (786) 519-2510.



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