Couples and Family Therapy

Couples Therapy

It is our belief that couples therapy and counseling helps reduce stress, strengthens couples bonds and increase intimacy and happiness.

Most  relationships have issues and conflict and we  can help couples manage them in a way will that improves their quality of life.

We at Miami Counseling Center believe that counseling is beneficial not only when couples are in distress, but also when changes are in the horizon (i.e. changing locations, work related changes, the coming of a child etc).  Couples counseling helps divorced couples, especially when there are children involved and the need to cooperate in harmony is required.

We can help couples in many ways:


  • Improving communication skills
  • Solving conflicts effectively
  • Financial problems
  • Sexual  problems
  • Career
  • Health issues

We are  trained  experts capable of  facilitating confidential  support and resources that will help to improve your relationship. f. .

If you are  not sure if  therapy is right for you, consider committing to  1 to 3 sessions of couples therapy to try it out.  The benefits most likely will outweigh the spent time and money.

Family Therapy

Family therapy may be helpful in dealing with:

  •     Improving Communication between family members
  •     Parenting issues
  •     Dealing with grief and loss
  •     Coping with addiction
  •     Children behavior and boundary issues


We can help you deal with your  couple and family issues, Contact us

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